Emergency Earth

Creating A Path Of Communication ……………………. Through The Way Of Light & Electricity

Emergency Earth TV travels through the pathway of electricity and digital media with Jen Michaels, AKA Jungle Jenny whose pioneering SPIRIT has found considerable happiness and fulfillment by building solid bridges of understanding between herself and nature.  Serving as a catalyst to impart new ideas and revolutionary concepts of thinking to society, she has inspired and empowered many. Her heart lies in the path of purity, integrity and living true to the teachings of her own inner guidance. Her soul goal is to create a world shift in conscious change for a harmonious planet to embody a caring world with each other and our planet as soon as possible.

What viewers see on The Jungle Channel are all the many species of plants, animals and microorganisms we are interconnected to and learn about the endangered living systems, animal habitats and biodiversity on the planet.

What viewers uncover along The Jungle Journey is the importance of preserving the diversity in wildlife and recognizing the important role each species has on Earth.

What viewers experience on The Adventures Of Jungle Jenny are exciting images of animations that invigorate their imaginations and take them on a journey to a world from their everyday existence.

The fears that are uncovered during this process are the consequences of human interference and neglect within these ecosystems and the reality of this eventually leading to massive extinctions.  By showing that each ecosystems supports each other, the time has come for JJ to stand her ground, plant the seed of education and positive change, and root herself into ensuring natural sustainability for all life forms.  During her jungle journey, she inspires a generation of future “Jungle Juniors” along the way.  Like the energy of the Way Of Electricity, Jungle Jenny irresistibly pulls everything else along in its wake.

Staying in touch with the collective needs but bringing the crackling energy down from the heavens to ground it in the here and now, JJ has built a communication pathway that will infect all those who come in contact with her.  She was born with a love of all that is innovative. Her goal is to connect consciously caring spirits together that care about reviving the health of our planet and use the power of media/ internet as a meaningful outlet to express powerful emotions and new ideas in others.  She is an artist by nature and her focus is on meaningful art and is the creator of the KISS Earth Guide.