Whole System Approach

Sustainability is a systems concept, not a goal to be reached but a balance to be maintained in space and in time. It involves complex interactions in the whole system that maintains life on Earth (the environmental component)‏, including the human system (the social and economic components)‏, that must respect planetary limits.

In most regions of the world, the warming & waste in the atmosphere is threatening the security of the planet internationally.  Every living system on Earth is currently in decline.

Our Parent-System (our biosphere) is sick.  Our Sub-System (the economy) is reducing our quality of life.  Our Sustaining-System (our ecology) is becoming more unstable.  These waste-making systems are destroying LIFE.

The key to surviving this extinction crisis is to understand that WE ARE NATURE.


It is written: In Nature, there are neither rewards nor punishment, merely consequences!  Allow yourself to walk in beauty… love… & harmony.